Kick Start Your Grassroot Fundraising

In this 1-hour webinar we’ll teach you the fundamentals of running a successful grassroots fundraiser and show you examples and the numbers to back it up. We’ll also provide the essential tools to get your organization started, including how to set goals, create a plan, gather a support team, communicate your vision, and execute.

What You’ll Learn:

• What is Grassroots fundraising? And why should you do it? 
• What are the essential tools needed to run a successful fundraiser?
• How to develop a creative grassroots fundraiser 
• Ways to engage your donors, volunteers and board 
• How to incorporate grassroots fundraising into your overall fundraising goals

Bonus Materials:

• Handout Slides
• Grassroots Fundraising Cheat Sheet
• Grassroots Fundraising Quick Case Study

Guest Presenter: Laura Reino, FirstGiving

As a Sr. Sales Consultant at FirstGiving, Laura works with nonprofits to help them exceed their fundraising goals.  By demonstrating how organizations can leverage technology and social media to not only raise more funds, but also build awareness and support, Laura helps nonprofits broaden their traditional ideas of fundraising to make them more successful and sustainable for the future.