Location-Based Marketing for NonProfits 101

As more and more people have started using location-based services, more nonprofits have started thinking about how they can use these services as well. Location-Based Marketing is definitely the shiny new toy in the nonprofit sandbox. How can it really be used to increase visibility, raise awareness, or -  the question on everyone's mind - raise money? This webinar will walk you through what location-based marketing is, the different location-based services available, what they each have to offer nonprofits, and how to use them. Using examples from nonprofits who've successfully leveraged these services to increase visibility and raise money, you'll learn what to do - and what not to do - to make location-based marketing work for you!

Key Takeaways:

  • A thorough understanding of location-based services

  • Where location-based marketing is now

  • Where location-based marketing's going

  • How to use location-based services to raise money and/or awareness

Presented by: Estrella Rosenberg, Founder of Big Love Little Hearts, Host of 501 Mission Place, NonProfit Consultant