Turn Your Event Merchandise from an Expense to a Source of Fundraising

Your supporters care passionately about your mission; what if they could tell their personal cause stories with event t-shirts and merchandise while also contributing to your fundraising goals? They can.

Your event merchandise no longer needs to be an unwelcome expense and a logistical nightmare. New tools on the marketplace make it possible to use event merchandise to increase organization awareness, build brand, create community, and generate donations. We’ll look at easy ways to solve the logistical and financial headaches traditionally associated with selling event apparel and other merchandise – such as bearing costs upfront – and take your merchandise to a new level of sophistication and personalization.

Presented by: Andrew Urban of Good Threads and Carolyn Edrington, Melanoma Research Foundation

Key takeaways:

  • How to make merchandise a more effective, streamlined and profitable piece of your existing fundraising events
  • How personalized merchandise can increase engagement with your supporters and contribute to a consistent brand identity
  • Why merchandise can increase both donations per supporter AND donor satisfaction
  • How to create a persistent store presence for your non-profit