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How to Inspire Action and Social Change
through Video Storytelling

In this webinar we will discuss how you can create stories that are powerful and get shared. The Starter Guide to Nonprofit Video Storytelling is our foundation for this webinar, where we will feature real life examples to demonstrate what works and what doesn't. You will have a concrete step-by-step method to help your nonprofit take your videos from boring and bland, to powerful and persuasive.

Key Takeaways

  • How to avoid the top three mistakes preventing you from making an impactful video
  • Understand the key ingredients of videos that lead to successful fundraising
  • How can any nonprofit use proven story structures that get shared by their listeners

Presented by Rob Wu, CauseVox and Annie Escobar of ListenIn Pictures


"The webinar was very useful and inspiring.  It left me with ideas, tools, and momentum to put a plan in action. I’ve already created a storyboard and shared it with a volunteer who will help bring the concept to life. We look forward to injecting new energy in our donor appeal thanks to your suggestions and advice."

'"I thought this was an extremely helpful and relevant Webinar.  Thanks so much!"

"Had a small group here viewing. The first 40 min were particularly relevant to stuff we’re working on. Appreciate the value FG is providing."

"I really enjoyed the webinar, and am getting the book Made To Stick from the library today. I also appreciate the ebook you gave us.
This webinar was extremely informative, and jives with what our marketers (Guest Relations) have said as well."